Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Danny Spooner "We'll either bend or break 'er" 1988 (CD 2002)

This is the last of the four. Originally issued on LP in 1988, this rip is from the 2002 CD re-issue. The theme here is Shanties.

1. Outward Bound
2. All Bound to Go
3. The Blackball Line
4. Hilo Johnny Brown
5. Blow Boys, blow
6. Johnny Bowker
7. Shallow Brown
8. Paddy Doyle's Boots
9. Bring 'em down
10. Hieland Laddie
11. Homeward bound
12. Doodle let me go
13. Blood red Roses
14. Haul in the Bowline
15. Reuben Ranzo / Whiskey Johnny
16. Haul away for Rosie
17. Liverpool Judies
18. Leave her Johnny

 The second graphic is a scan of the  rear of the original 1988 LP which was generously provided by a New Zealand resident. Many thanks! It is over 1Mb and can be saved (right click on it and select one of the save options)

For those who might be wondering why no MediaFire links - I've already copped two "strikes" (as usual for files one would not expect to get a complaint) so I'm getting very wary.

Download MP3@320VBR

Danny Spooner "The Last Leviathan - Songs of the Whaling Industry" CD 2006

A fairly obvious theme in this the third of four CD albums provided by a visitor. A mix of traditionals including a french language track and also three of Harry Robertson's compositions.

The Whale-Catchers
The Weary Whaling Grounds
The Coast of Peru
Talcahuano Girls
Rolling down to Old Maui
Pique la baleine
The Wounded Whale
The Whaleman's Lament
The Waterwitch
The Loss of Mahoney
Davy Lowston
Queensland Whalers
The Wee Pot Stove
Ballina Whalers
The Last of the Great Whales

Download MP3@320VBR 
Re-upped 9 June 2015

Danny Spooner "Launch out on the Deep" CD 2002

This is the second of the four "out-of-print" CDs provided by a visitor. This one has a deep water theme including shanties, forebitters, a lullaby, and some modern compositions. Garry Gillard's site includes liner notes for this album.

1. The Banks of Newfoundland
2. Little Fish
3. The Mingulay Boat Song
4. Culler Herrin'
5. The Sailor Deceived
6. The Handsome Cabin Boy
7. The Female Rambling Sailor
8. Anderson's Coast
9. Farewell Tae Tarwathie
10. The Whale Catchers
11. The Antarctic Fleet
12. The Last Of The Great Whales
13. Jack The Jolly Tar
14. Rowing Song
15. The Dark Old Waters
16. Fiddler's Green

Download MP3 @320VBR

Danny Spooner "Years of Spooner" CD Compilation 2007

This is the first of a further four "out-of-print" CDs featuring Danny Spooner. The music for this and the next three postings were very kindly provided by a one of our readers. Many, many thanks!
This one is a compilation CD featuring selected tracks performed by Danny from 1965 to 2005 on both LP and CD. It appears to be a fairly eclectic mix with no obvious theme.

Those tracks are:-
1. Noble Lord Hawkins
2. Timothy Winters
3. Battle of Alma
4. I drew my ship
5. Limbo
6. The Gaberlunzie Man
7. Bridges
8. Hills of Isle au Haut
9. Blood Red Roses
10. Rabbit Trapper
11. The Flighty Tailor
12. Rambler from Clare
13. Destitution Road
14. Wish I could write a love song

I  only have the cover graphics. Please note though that Garry Gillard's Site provides substantial information on Danny Spooner's discograpy.

Download MP3 320VBR 100MB

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Danny Spooner "Emerging Tradition" CD 2007

Well this one is very accurately sub-titled "(fairly) contemporary Australian songs". It is a marked contrast in every respect to the preceding  "When a man's in love". All very Australian and of known authorship and all of the genre that I think of as "contemporary folk". The tracks include ones penned by Eric Bogle, Bill Scott, Don Henderson, John Dengate and Judy Small. You can also find all the lyrics here on Garry Gillards site.

1. And when they dance
2. Weevils in the flour
3. The New Road
4, The song of the sheetmetal worker
5. Sixteen million people
6. Newell Highway
7. Mothers, daughters, wives
8. No man's land
9. The red fox
10. Now I'm easy
11. Thirty ton line
12. Cock of the North
13, Hey rain
14, Bring out the banners

Download MP3 256CBR 91Mb
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Danny Spooner "When a Man's in Love" CD 2002 (LP 1987)

A great album from Danny Spooner issued on LP in 1987. This rip generously provided by one of our visitors is from the "out-of-print" 2002 CD re-issue.

What an excellent performer Danny is particularly with the old English traditional ballads. When it comes to this genre, I doubt that few can equal his overall consistency. My view is that Danny and these songs are made for each other. He is such a credible performer.

Anyway, enough waxing lyrical - here's the tracklist!

1. When a Man's in Love
2. The Flighty Tailor
3. The Ploughboy and the Cockney
4. Sweet Thames Flow Softly
5. The Song of the Wandering Aengus
6. La-Di-Da
7. Spencer the Rover
8. The Redhaired Man's Wife
9. The Week Before Easter
10. Farewell Nancy
11. Wish I Could Write a Love Song

Download with graphics: MP3 320CBR 105Mb
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Danny Spooner "Brave Bold Boys" CD 2008

It has been a while, hasn't yet? I've been tied up with a range of interests.

Well, here is the first of a series of "out of print" albums by that brilliant ex-pat pom, Danny Spooner (long may he thrive). This series has come from a number of contributors to whom we all owe a big vote of thanks. And likewise to Danny Spooner who has made the decision to make all "sold out" albums "soon available for download from" his website. A good one to keep an eye out for at this link.

Meanwhile, Danny has two CDs still available for sale, namely, "Gorgeous Game Girls" (2012) and, with Duncan Brown, "The fox, the hare and the poacher"s fate" (2010). Buy them for yourself!

1. Bold Thady Quill
2. The Foggy Dew (note: the English traditional - not the Irish rebellion one)
3. Nothing's Had without Money
4. Marlborough
5. Our Jack
6. Brown Adam (Child 98)
7. Joseph Baker (Pete Coe)
8. Lord Willoughby
9. John O'Grinfilt
10. Johnny Stewart, Drover
11. John Maclean's March
12. The Banks of the Bann
13. The Streets of Forbes
14. John Ball
15. As I Came in by Fisherrow
16. Thornaby Woods

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