Friday, December 5, 2014

The Settlers "West of Cooma" LP Stereo 1981

This was the third LP from the Settlers and the last to feature the original artists albeit with a fair bit of professional instrumental backing (see the LP rear graphic).
Their two previous albums "Sings Songs of the Snowy Mountains" and "Sings More Songs of he Snowy Mountains" in the late sixties were very successful (from a folk perspective) but they all went their different ways until they were re-united for the recording of this album in December 1980.
Somewhat fittingly, the songs on this album are mainly reminiscing upon their past days working on the Snowy Mountains Scheme. All tracks are by the late Ulick O'Boyle except for "Haulpack Blues" penned by both Paul Davey and Ulick.
Overall the album has a country folk feel to it and Settlers fans will love this one too.

1. West of Cooma
2. Dirt Shifting Man
3. The Crying Kind
4. Nicolai
5. Jeannie Williams
6. Tumut Ponds and Bugtown
7. Snowy Special
8. Yodeling Wanderer
9. Dodd's Hotel
10. Haulpack Blues
11. The Beer with no Pub
12. Snowy Mountain Home.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bruce Woodley "The Roaring Days" LP 1974 Stereo

As most of our visitors will know, Bruce Woodley was one of the original members of  "The Seekers". Judith Durham and subsequent ladies were the lead vocalists but Bruce took the male lead. He was also the song writer member of the group and also occasionally collaborated with Paul Simon. He was also co-author with Dobe Newton on "I am Australian".

I have no idea who ripped this album but it is a very good rip obviously from a well preserved LP. I have not touched the material at all. It is a mixture of poems and songs encoded at 320 CBR which is a little excessive especially for the unaccompanied poems so if you are short of storage memory as in phones, players and tablets, they can be converted to a lesser rate without any apparent loss of quality. My thanks to whomsoever did this rip.

This was a promotional album commissioned by Viscount cigarettes but it is obvious hat they did not skimp on production costs. The instrumental backing is high class yet relevant to the folk/pioneer theme. On two tracks Bruce is accompanied by Linda George.

The vinyl labels identify the album as Volume 1 but apparently they never progressed to a Volume 2 - That's a real pity! Graphics includes the lyrics/verses to all tracks.

1. Panorama (poem)
2. The Lime Juice Tub (song)
3. The Man from Snowy River (poem)
4. Break of Day (song)
5, The Roaring Days (poem)
6. With a Swag all on my Shoulder (song)
7. Clancy of the Overflow (poem)
8. Eumerella Shore (song)
9. Rain in the Mountains (poem)
10. The Lights of Cobb & Co (poem)
11. Black Velvet Band (song)
12 The Bush Girl (song)
13. The Roaring Days (reprise) (poem with musical backing)

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tina Lawton "Singing Bird" 1966 LP Mono

Well, it has taken a while but here is an acceptable rip of Tina Lawton's second album "Singing Bird". (I am hopeful of a better rip of her first album soon).

This is from an uncleaned rip I managed to find somewhere. I have given the tracks a light cleaning and they have responded well to this treatment. You may notice a staccato effect in some of the higher voice ranges. I suspect this is because, when recording, output was still going to the speakers and the turntable was on the same surface and slightly vibrated during play.

Anyway, enough raving on for the moment. On this album, Tina was accompanied by the harpist Huw Jones, who also arranged all the pieces, and Russell King, a flautist. All tracks are traditional songs from the British Isles.

1. Bobby Shaftoe
2. Springtime is Returning
3. Robin Goch
4. Strawberry Fair
5 Garton Mother's Lullaby
6. The Heron from Brecon
7. The Nightingale
8, Singing Bird
9. Ballymore Ballad
10. In the Orchard
11. The Wee Cooper from Fyfe
12. Lagan Love
13. I wish I had a Shepherd's Lamb
14 Lisa Dear
15. Charlie is my Darling
16. Will Ye Go, Lassie Go (aka Wild Mountain Thyme)

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Denis Gibbons "Folk Songs" 1965 LP

Despite its somewhat aged and simplistic appearance, this album was released in 1965 and appears to be primarily, or totally, a compilation release but I have not gone to the potentially lengthy process of actually checking whether they are new issues or releases of the same titles.

This is another of the welcome contributions from Ian of Tasmania and the album was obviously in good condition most tracks have responded very well to a gentle clean. There are some minor intrusive glitches on two tracks that cannot be removed but they can easily be tolerated. Track 14 "The Overlanders" does sound a little weird but this is on the original copy and is not the result of editing.

1. Click go the Shears
2. Lime Juice Tub
3. Bold Tommy Payne
4. The Dying Stockman
5. The Wild Colonial Boy
6. The Fox
7. The Old Bullock Dray
8. The Drover's Dream
9. The Spinning wheel
10. The Blue-Tail Fly
11. Botany Bay
12. The Old Bark Hut
13. The Foggy Foggy Dew
14. The Overlanders.

Click here to: Download with graphics - MP3 @ 160 CBR mono.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Gumbies Bush Band - Additional Information

We have finally received some additional information on this Victorian based folk group and their 15 track tape. For those who fondly remember this band, click here to go here to the original entry which has been edited to show the latest details.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Patricia Cook "Did you know them" LP 1968

Another of the offerings from Ian. Again, a big vote of thanks to you Ian.

This is the sole album (1968) from the late Patricia Cook. She has appeared on this blog before in respect of four tracks she performed on Lionel Long's 1963 2xLP set "The Bold Bushrangers" which featured songs written by her then husband, the late Kenneth Cook better known for his literary output ("Wake in Fright" etc).

This album includes a few rarer tracks in the Australian folk tradition and a transport version of "All around my hat". Her performance of Van Dieman's land is, to me, reminiscent of the singing of Delia Murphy, the "Queen of Connemara" who accompanied her husband Thomas J. Kiernan when he became Ireland's first Ambassador to Australia in the post-war 1940s. She often appeared on the ABC singing the songs of her homeland especially "Spinning Wheel".

Excellent backing to the tracks from the renowned guitarists Don Andrews and Sebastian Jorgenson.

1. Van Dieman's Land
2. Jim Jones
3. All around me 'at.
4. The Donahue Song
5. Dan Morgan
6. Lullaby
7. The Cross of the South
8. Eureka Lament
9. The Ringer
10. Did you know them?
11. The bullocky
12. Johnny come home
13. Fragments (Dole Song and If I had money)
14. Danny Jones of Cobb & Co.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ants Bush Band - Untitled LP - 14 tracks

Probably one of the most requested tracks I get asked for is the the Ants Bush Band "The Whale" which is a "modern" folk classic inspired by Melville's "Moby Dick" It has previously appeared in one or two compilations on this blog. Anyway, Ian of Tassie has generously provided a rip of this albim which features this song and many other Australian folk classics - both new and old.

This is a brilliant album demonstrating the fine musical skills of this well respected bush band which, unfortunately, did not have a large commercial output. Thanks Ian for providing this album. I have no doubt that it will prove to be very popular.

I have no idea as to when this album was issued. This Band operated from the '70s originally as the "Fabulous Ants Bush Band". Judging by the album cover, it might be a re-release but that's nothing more than base speculation. I'd love some concrete advice. (Additional - a blog visitor from Ireland has brought my attention to the fact that the identical album was sold as a cassette under the the band name "The Fabulous Ants Band" and the title "Tribute to 150 years Western Australia" and with the massively misleading claim "14 Great Western Australian Songs". The Sesquicentennial of WA was 1979 so that gives us a likely date of 1979 - perhaps 1978).

Sure, you can moderately criticise this album on the basis of some of the vocals but if you do not like this album, you are possibly on the wrong blog. I'd rank this as one of the better Australian folk albums by a bush band.

This album has a strong Western Australian focus which is refreshing (Well now we know why).

1, Lachlan Tigers
2. Western Australia for Me
3. One Thousand Miles Away (Hurrah for the Roma Railway)
4. The Catalpa
5. The Overlanders
6. Augathella Station (Brisbane Ladies)
7. Waves of Tory (dance instrumental)
8. Maggie Maggie May
9. To the West
10. Across the Western Plains
11. Dennis O'Reilly (With my swag all on my shoulder)
12. The Whale (modern Australian folk classic)
13. Struggle in the West
14. Lime Juice Tub

Download with graphics - 64 Mb - MP3 VBR 192-225 Click here
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

William Clauson "Click Go the Shears" - Original LP cover

Ian from Tasmania has also provided digitised graphics for the original issue of William Clauson's "Click Go the Shears" LP and you can download them, separately at the moment, from the original posting featuring the World Record Club graphics. Click here to go to that posting.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Warren Fahey and the Larrikins "Billy of Tea" LP 1978

Another great LP from Ian of Tassie (and more yet to come).

This is a 1978 album. Warren Fahey provided vocals and his oft-changing group of Larrikins was then:-
Jacko Kevans - vocals, accordion and concertina.
Gordon McIntyre - vocals, guitar, dulcimer and tenor banjo.
Kate Delaney - vocals, whistle and bodhram.
Roger Fisken - fiddle and mandolin.
Steve Ellis - vocals, guitar and mandolin.

Most of the tracks are the Australian folk standards but there are a couple of exceptions including a New Zealand penned tribute to Captain Cook - and a good one too - a somewhat (now) politically incorrect traditional about chinese workers and the British Isles popular traditional "Jones' Ale" aka "When Jones' ale was new". All tracks performed at the expected high standard. There were some minor problems with the material and it cleaned up to a good degree but there are the occasional residual glitches but really nothing that will mar your listening pleasure.

1. Brisbane Ladies
2. Maggie May
3. The Eumerella Shore
4. Heenan & Sayers
5. Tunes (unnamed dance tunes)
6. The New Chum Shearer
7. The Tolerant Man
8. Captain Cook
9. The New Chum Chinaman
10. Gooriannawa
11. Broken Down Squatter
12. The Rabbiter
13 One of the Hasbeens
14 Jones' Ale

Click on here to Download - 70Mb MP3 VBR 192-224 - with full graphics

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Wild Colonials "Euabalong Ball" LP 1971 ("A selection of old time dance music")

This is a truly delightful album focusing on old time dance music. Many of these tunes originated outside Australia but they often became "naturalised" even "localised" and the The Wild Colonials have drawn upon local material for this production also including some local compositions notably a Varsovienna and Cosgrove's Schottische".

Incidentally "The Wild Colonials" are not the "Wild Colonial Boys" band. They were Jacko Kevans, Dave de Hugard, Brad Tate, Sandra Tate, Chris Duffy, and Tom Rummery. Lots of good fiddling and squeeze-box playing.

A side comment: The latter-day modern bush bands supposedly striving for authenticity rarely feature piano. My experience is that they were usually the primary instrument used by genuine old-time bands. The other basic instruments were button accordions  and fiddles. Why? Because bush dances were usually very noisy social affairs and these three instruments could be readily heard by the dancers. Sure, other instruments, guitars, mandolins etc, could join in but they definitely submerged into the background noise. Of course, modern sound equipment has changed all that. I'm not complaining as, in my opinion and probably that of the latter-day bush bands, it does sound more "folky" without piano - but do not think that was the way it really was. Anyway, enough nit-picking for now.

This is another offering by Tassie Ian. Thanks again Ian. Lovely album in great condition and beautifully sound engineered by one Ross Linton. This is definitely one for the toe-tappers and old time dancers but the music is also great otherwise. Jacko Kevans does vocals on "Euabalong Ball" amd Dave de Hugard on "The Drover's Dream". Liner notes are by Warren Fahey.

1. Cunnamulla Stocking Jig & The Flying Pieman
2. Davy Nick Knack & The Soldier's Joy
3. Euabalong Ball (Jacko Kevans - vocals)
4. Sailors' Hornpipe (Jack Tar)
5. Varsovienna
6, The High Level Hornpipe
7. The Manchester Gallop & Click Go the Shears
8. Durham Reel & Mason's Apron
9. Cosgrove's Schottische
10. The Drover's Dream (Dave de Hugard - vocals)
11. Mountain Road & Sally Gardens
12. The Blackthorn Stick, Father O'Flynn & Irish Washerwoman
13. Brown Jug Polka & Jenny Lind

Download from Here (51Mb - MP3 192-224 VBR ranging 190-207)